Why Adam Richman Of Man V Food Disappeared

Adam Richman spent years on TV as the host of Man Versus Food, but once his run on that show was over, he seemingly disappeared. So, what happened to Richman and what’s he been up to since he stopped filming his famous food challenges?

In 2014, Richman used the hashtag “thinspiration” in an Instagram post, and commenters immediately called him out, noting that it was popularly used to glorify an unhealthy and extreme weight loss – not celebrate healthy goals. If Richman had just apologized and removed the hashtag, things may have gone differently. But according to The Guardian, he responded with expletive-laced comments, including one that encouraged a follower to harm themselves.

In the week after Richman’s Instagram exploded, The Washington Post confirmed that the Travel Channel pulled the new show they had planned with him. It wasn’t just a matter of hitting the pause button on something that was in the process of being developed, either – Man Finds Food was ready to go. It was pulled just days before it was set to debut in July 2014, and it didn’t see the light of day until it finally aired in April 2015.

There was a second season, but you may not realize it – it was renamed Secret Eats with Adam Richman for what would be its final season.