Wood Grilled Pizza

Wood Grilled Pizza: Pizza or Flatbread? || Really Dough?

Scott has a pretty broad definition of what is pizza. But one of his big rules is that the dough needs to be topped before it is baked to be classified as a pizza, anything else is just a flatbread. So where does wood fired pizza fit into the equation? Especially a wood fired pizza topped with ricotta and mezcal cured gravlax and capers? On this episode of Really Dough? Scott and Mark are trying the Gravlax Pizza from Speedy Romeo in the Lower East Side. Will Mark think this is pizza? Will Scott even think this is pizza??

Pizza is one of the most customizable foods in history. Tomato sauce, white sauce, artichoke cream sauce, broccoli, M&M’s, pineapple, edible 24K gold — a pizza can be anything your heart desires. But should it? Renowned pizza nerd Scott Wiener is challenging the idea that pizza can be anything. He’s traveling all over America, spotlighting these Frankenstein pizzas and trying to make a case for whether these new customizations can, in fact, still be considered a pizza. In the end, Wiener takes these pizzas to Lucali to pass final judgment from the purist of all pizza purists, Mark Iacono, where he will either declare each slice “PIZZA!” or ask with complete disgust, “Really, dough???”